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memorializing our community's gathering places

A sole wooden bench under the mid-afternoon sun within a park in Woodley, UK._edited.jpg

Honoring Spence

Spence Lamarion was a pillar of the Healdsburg community for nearly two decades before he died of lung cancer in December 2018.

As we mark the three-year anniversary of his death, some of the friends he left behind are commemorating the joy and passion he shared with us. Specifically, we are planning to erect a public bench (or series of benches) along the new extension of the Foss Creek Pathway on the north end of Healdsburg. We believe this is a fitting tribute to Spence, since he loved bringing people together and talking to them in such a way as to really get to know them. Spence’s friends and family are helping to direct fundraising toward the Healdsburg Parks Foundation.

Before Spence’s death, he wrote a goodbye letter to the community. One passage from that letter is particularly poignant in these trying times: “My only other consideration is that I want for my friends, family, associates cling to each other in small gatherings of reflection of kind moments we shared together, and others that made our life a reflection of our best efforts to be better humans to one another. I believe life is about intent and forgiveness of one another. I have been fortunate to share magnificent support on my path and hope I offered some of the same.”

To contribute to the effort to erect a bench in Spence’s memory, please click below. Thank you.

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